Factsheet: Communications Rio+20

 Tuesday, 29 May 2012

www.rio20.ch is Switzerland’s information hub for the UN Conference on Sustainability in Rio. The most important information can be found there before, during and after the conference. Daily briefings for the media on-site in Rio are planned from 18 June 2012.

The Swiss Rio platform www.rio20.ch has been online since 1 November 2011. The website describes the preparatory process and the associated activities of the federal authorities and civil society. From Monday, 11 June 2012, the website will switch to conference mode. The following elements will be updated regularly until Saturday, 23 June:

  • Video messages from prominent Swiss citizens

From 11 to 19 June 2012, a daily video message about Rio+20 by prominent Swiss citizens will be posted on the website. The participants include: the President of the Swiss Confederation Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf, Corine Mauch (Mayor of Munich), the President of the National Council Hansjörg Walther and Bertrand Piccard from Solarimpulse.

  • Media releases on Rio+20 and media reports

From 4 June 2012, the website will contain an overview of the federal authorities’ and civil society media releases on Rio+20. It is also planned to provide an overview of selected contributions by the Swiss media on the topic of Rio+20.

  • Status of the negotiations and civil society blog

The Swiss delegation will provide regular reports on the status of the negotiations from 13 to 23 June.

From 11 to 22 June, the civil society organisations (WWF, Alliance-Sud, Economiesuisse (Swiss business federation), Swiss Academy of Sciences, Swisscleantech, Öbu-Netzwerk nachhaltiger Unternehmen (Öbu Network of Sustainable Companies) Switzerland’s UN youth delegates) represented in the Swiss delegation will publish a daily blog.

Media work on-site

From Monday, 18 June to Friday 23 June, a media briefing mainly aimed at reporters from the Swiss media will take place in the office of the Swiss delegation in the Rio Centro at around 9.15 am daily. One member of the delegation will provide a brief overview of the status of the negotiations. It is also planned to hold media meetings with the member(s) of the Federal Council in Rio.

Most important dates (status 29 May 2012)

  • Thursday, 31 May, 11 am: Ambassador Franz Perrez guest at Club Suisse de la Presse in Geneva
  • Friday, 1 or 8 June: Federal Council specifies its representation in Rio
  • Thursday, 7 June, 5 –  7 pm: Podium discussion “Rio+20: Welche Zukunft will die Schweiz?” (“Rio+20: What kind of future does Switzerland want?”). Aula of the University of Bern, Hochschulstrasse 4, 3012 Bern.
  • Thursday , 14 June, 7.30 – 9 pm: Side event organised by the European Sustainable Development Network ESDN in cooperation with the Federal Office for Spatial Development ARE and Liechtenstein in the Rio Centro: “National Sustainable Development Strategies – What’s Their Future Role?”
  • Friday, 15 to Monday 18 June: Private sector sustainability forum in Rio in the framework of the UN Global Compact. 16 June: Panel on food security and agriculture with Director-General of the SDC Martin Dahinden. 17 June: SDC session on the reduction of risks for small farmers.
  • Tuesday, 19 June, 3.30 – 5 pm: Side event organised by Switzerland (FOEN, SDC, SECO) in the Rio Centro: “Putting the Green Economy Roadmap into Practice
  • Wednesday, 20 June, 12 – 1 pm: Opening of the Mountain Pavilion in Rio by the President of Peru Ollanta Humala. The Mountain Pavilion, which is organised under the initiative of Peru and with substantial support from the SDC, is a global platform for the promotion of the sustainable development of mountain regions.
  • Wednesday, 20 June, 1 – 2.30 pm: Side event in the Rio Centro on disaster prevention with Manuel Bessler, the Federal Council’s Delegate for Humanitarian Aid, and Toni Frisch, senior advisor on the Rio Conference. Topic: Strengthening Societal Resistance and Resilience to Natural Disasters.

Further information:

Media contact for the federal authorities

  • Adrian Aeschlimann, Head of Media Section, Federal Office for the Environment FOEN, and Coordinator of the Federal Communications for Rio+20;

+41 79 277 51 83; adrian.aeschlimann@bafu.admin.ch